Shhh! Cagelets (and Aprons) on Sale Right Now!

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Pho_cage_mrspeachpie_med Um, yay! Cagelets are on sale now on the Posie web site, as are the aprons named Alice.

If you've already ordered a bun-bun or a birdie and you find yourself in need of a cagelet or apron, just go ahead and place your order through Paypal and I'll refund the extra shipping cost, and ship everything together.

Please note that I have to remove all items manually from the site when they sell, and if two people order something at the same time, before I can remove the item, the second person whose order comes through will want to strangle me because they'll be too late, but I beg you -- have mercy! I'll let you know right away if this has happened, and we'll figure something out, don't worry. Please refresh the pages often, so they update and show you the most current offerings.

I'm not sure how many more cagelets there will be in the future, but more aprons will be coming.

I'll ship internationally, yes. But please place all orders through the Posie site (via Paypal). 'Kay? Thanks! Now hurry!

Update: All cagelets and aprons have been sold, but please stay tuned for more, if you missed these. Thank you!!!


very very very cute......goes to check it out now!

Chris Howard says: April 05, 2006 at 12:50 PM

Oooo..I got in late on this one /crosses fingers and hopes she gets what she ordered. Posie will you be making more birdies? Tangelo needs a friend.

such cuteness as always!

You've been busy, I now fully believe the third arm story. The aprons are really gorgeous, I'm just glad I got my birdy....God Bless America.

Oh my gosh!
Talk about you snooze, you lose.
I was so busy this morning, I didn't check in here and the aprons came and went!
Can't wait for the next batch of aprons. I have a skirt of yours with that lovely fabric on the bottom of the apron in the photo.
My husband loves when I wear it.
Me too!

I can not believe that I stepped away from the computer! That'll teach me! They are all so fabulous and adorable! Beautiful!

Oh darn! I didn't even get a look at them. Shucks.

These are sooo cute. Wonderful for your little birds!

Your cagelets are so beautiful and original, I hope my order was in time!

I'm so--- smitten with your new apron design. I love that Andy was part of the process too... :)

& You called my invading bees "losers"... haha!

I could sing happily in this cagelet! Way too cute for words!

Everything looks wonderful - I always adore how you photograph things!

Oh sweetheart, you knew it would pain me to see all the things on sale when I have no money so you waited till my computer free day... you are SO thoughtful ;0)
One day, ONE DAY, they will be mine! I was talking to someone the other day about how I don't actually, usually, buy pinky, floral or girly things for myself, I only make them for others, but your are so wonderful I'm changing my desires.

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