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March 05, 2006



Oh, Alicia, I don't know what to say after reading your words today... such an exquisite soul, you are. And the writing!! I can actually feel everything you have expressed. I think you once mentioned that you had sometime in the past thought about becoming a writer. My dear, you are a powerful writer. Your words are like a delicate watercolour of a surprisingly evocative image that haunts for days and days.

I cannot possibly espress to you how much this meant to me today. I'm so happy you are alive, too.




First of all, we all thank God that you are ok, with us here today & inspiring us with your wonderful words & art. I connect with your story so closely...almost exactly 6 months ago, when I was having my baby, things didn't go so well & I woke up one day in the ICU with tubes down my throat. The scariest moment of my life. It was a very rough month & I still can't go to sleep without thinking of the hospital...but, I just heard my little girl cry as she is waking from her nap & things are GOOD. Thank God for second chances & new lives. :)


I remember the first post I read of yours, it was about your father. I felt such a connection then. Now I read your blog because you have the ability to take the reader with you through your life, painful and beautiful. Thank you for being so courageous and truthful.


Alicia, you seem to have an inline to the truth. I know it's your truth, but that's what makes it so beautiful. I'm so glad you're alive, and my heart skips a beat at the thought that you might have been taken that day.

Again, such beautiful prose.



You have an amazingly powerful way with words and I read your story absolutely spellbound by your honesty and self-awareness. The history of the accident is a shocking counterpoint to the beauty and whimsy of your usual photos and prose, but it also explains your devotion to making life lovely.

Thank goodness you have Andy who sounds quite brilliant.

lauren Mumford

I'm a reader of your blog, but was moved to comment today. Amazing story. I was completely and thoroughly wrapped up in your telling of it. The noise from the sleepover and the hubby all but disappeared from my brain as I lost myself in your tale. My heart thumped with every word, even knowing that you are now safe and here. I'm so happy that you came out of this o.k., and thank you that you are now able to tell your story in this way. You obviously are a woman of many talents and your writing is just another inspiring piece of you! One of the best blog entries I have ever read. Thank you for this story.



Thank you for sharing this story. You just never know what's going on or what has gone on in someone's life. It always looks different from the outside. Thanks for letting us in.




Thank you once again, Alicia, for sharing another amazing piece of you. Your history is moving and inspiring, and how you weave your experiences in life is like a rich embroidery of words. You are a wonderful writer, a courageous and creative soul, and a beautiful person!

leslie schmidt

you take my breath away. You need to start the book you've always asumed you'd write now already..

leslie schmidt

ah, crap. assumed. I can spell, just having an indulgent white wine sort of sunday afternoon...


Wow, Alicia. You continue to amaze me. What an amazing person you are.


Wow. You are most definitely a writer. And a person for whom all of your readers are grateful. You make a daily contribution to our lives. Today was a wonderful reminder for me to be actively grateful for "fixers" and healers, for easy mobility, for steadfast love, for flowers and laughter in hospital rooms (I've had my share,too).
That boy of yours is a Keeper (but you already knew that!).


You are such a beautiful person- a beautiful soul. You have such a way of sharing your life and events and I'm always appreciative of your honesty. I am sorry you had to go through what you did but am so thankful you did realize in time! Your husband sounds like such an amazing person. My sister, Aimee, is studying to be a nurse and they seem to have some of the same personality. We are so blessed to be surrounded with beautiful, giving people.


PS- I *love* your skirt and tights!


...human angels, with kind eyes, apples and stitches, repairing, fixing, mending, patting, bandaging the wounds of the world, and putting it back together, piece by tiny piece...
Such a profound insight and such an amazing ability to put that insight into words. This story is honest and unpretentious and leaves your heart raw after reading it. Thank you for opening up this window into your heart to share this sad beautiful story. I echo the sentiments of others that commented before me, you ARE a writer and I am so glad you lived. "outpouring of floral support" loved that!


I agree with the other comments...such an amazing story and told so well. you are a very inspirational person and I feel that even more so now. it never ceases to amaze me how much depth a blog friend can have...


Congratulations on your suvival, and on your strength and courage.


You brave, wonderful woman. You shouldn't wish for a normal life; clearly you are cut out for something much more extraordinary than normal.


thank you for this. i'm another who's often read but never commented. i'm so touched by this post, it means a lot to me personally, but in ways i couldn't hope to explain.

i hope you realise how much your writing means to others as well as how much it means to you.


Dear Alicia... This could not have been easy for you. I feel so honored to be a part of an audience you wanted to share this with. You have left me completely speechless, and I'll admit this rarely happens. I will say that Jane has said it well about your devotion to making life a lovely place...for so many of us. Thank you for being who you are and for being here.

Jen Leheny

oh Alicia you write so beautifully about something so personal and so heartbreaking. Your husband is an absolute gem (but I'm sure you know that already!) and you are too. Sending many hugs for your Foot Anniversary and yes, knit yourself a foot cosy or something girl! :) I love your stripy sock, red shoe and skirt by the way. And that chair! See there is beauty in everything. Everything we have been through makes us who we are right now. You are precious. Jen

Michelle A Realini

how eloquently a way I know what you mean, I have had eight back surgeries and each one is like a painful mini life vacation...hmmm not something you would chose to happen, but you can make good of all things...

Anna H.

What a beautiful story, a beautiful photograph, a beautiful spirit.

What you write about convalescence is so true; I sometimes think back to my own recovery from surgery with such wistfulness and then guilt for feeling that way, since I couldn't 'do' much for myself either. But really, it is so hard to carve out moments and places of such peace and beauty in our daily lives -- how can we not long for that?

Let me tell you though: when that peaceful place feels far, far away, your work and words -- along with those of the other wonderful women sharing their life and work online -- remind me to try harder to make my way back.

Thank you for that, Alicia. And for sharing this with us.



Ive been reading your beautiful words for awhile & never commented...good grief girl your words are so hearfelt & beautiful, honest & true. What a writer you are. Thank-you for sharing a real peice of your life with us readers.

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