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January 21, 2006


Jen Leheny

Thank you so much for this! Invaluable. I look forward to the next installment. I am very interested in info on how to find a Rep and all about that side of things. If you can write something up on that I would be very grateful. :)

Can I also make another request... your type size is extremely small and hard to read (on my computer at least). Not sure about anyone else. I can go to View and choose Larger type which works fine but just thought I would mention it. :)



This is so wonderful/helpful! I love this blog...mainly because it just makes me happy, but this info in this post is so relevant to me right now! Ack, I see so many mistakes I've already made! Mainly with my insecurity about pricing. Cannot wait for future installments. (P.S. I love all your pink-hued happy photographs!)


Thank you for taking the time ro write up this thorough and informative post. Your advice could not have come at a better time for me, as I venture into the world of stationery design. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're the best!


Hello Alicia, Just wanted to come out from lurking to tell you how much I love your site and to say thanks for your perspective on business. I had a childrenswear business a few years ago (manufacturer) and completely agree with everything you wrote. And like Lisajo, I look forward to your future installments. Also, I REALLY enjoyed reading your post about photography. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful.


Thank you for that info!! And you are right: the 'creative' personality is often so different from the 'salesperson' personality. I HATE to promote my product even thought I love it and do believe it is valuable and has a place. Maybe because I have worked as a buyer (when Meier and Frank had their buying offices downtown) and hated being hounded by relentless reps.!!! I know though that it is a step I have to take if I am ever going to be more than 'word of mouth'.


I've just printed this out to keep for future reference. Invaluable information! My husband has already told me a lot of this, but I don't listen to his advice..your's, that's another story ; )


Brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this all out. Fantastic advice.


great post - super useful! thanks for being so generous.


What fabulous information! I've been worried about breaking into retail but with your information it takes some of the fear out of it. And, I used to work in Purchasing for a huge corporation and you are right on with everything you said! Somehow, I neglected to think that those same issues would apply to the independant retail business. Thank you! I look forward to your next installment!


This is so incredibly helpful, as I'm gathering information to take my bibs on the road. I will put a lot more time into preparing now, knowing what you've shared. Many, many thanks for taking the time to post this. So generous!


You've managed to write the one essential chapter that's been missing in all the books and articles I've read regarding small business. Many Thanks!


Thankyou so much for taking the time to write this, and so generously sharing your knowledge. It's such useful information for those of us even considering the world of retail.


I have been admiring your flickr photos for awhile ( I started the new domesticity group that you are a part of) and I said to myself that I needed to see if you had a blog-because I love every photo of yours and how much fun would it be to read your blog. So I find your blog and lo and behold-You own a shop-a shop i pass on the bus everyday I go to work!! This is a great post and I cannot wait to come to your shop!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I was so pleasantly surprised to sit down at my computer tonight and read your thoughtful and honest post. You're right, you really can see this from both sides, as an artist and a shop owner and the advice and tidbits you shared are very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share this free advice (and more gorgeous photos of your lovely little shop)~I (and it looks like others too), appreciate it so much!


Thank you for this! It is so timely for me as I have been dreaming and wondering and planning what my future might hold. You are so lucky (so hardworking more like) to have your shop and do what you love to do. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! :)


Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I'd love to hear more about the things you couldn't elaborate on here.
Are there any really great online resources you could suggest?


Immediately bookmarked. Such valuable and appreciated advice. Thank you!


PS- I love that photograph so much! I want to live there. I wish you were there a few years ago when I lived in Portland. We're moving to OR at the end of the year so you know I'll visit often! ;)


thank you!


Just thanks, as elaborated above!


I TOTALLY wish I could print this out and pass it out to the countless number of people who approach me at my shop everyday - and not seem too bitchy :)I agree 100% with your advice and pointers to these "manufacturers"


Very helpful info. Thanks.


Thank you so much for all this advice. *taking notes*

jenny rebecca

Oh thank you so much for this post!! Such good advice.


as everyone has said, but i needed to add my two cents, thank you for this extraordinarily pointed advice. you stopped me dead in my tracks warning us to stop before heading into a boutique toting our wares...can you believe that was my plan for next weekend? thank you for saving me the embarassment and helping me develop a plan.

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