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November 17, 2005



I'm a new lurker to your blog- I live south of Portland and cannot WAIT to visit your shop! In regards to the felt you have- how much would you ask for a box of it? I'm new to sewing but would LOVE to make little felt stockings for an advent calendar for my kidlets! Seems like a good starter project for me. Thanks in advance for any info!


Those stockings are fabulous. I am sorry Andy, but *I* definitely invented the art of Goodwill hunting. Particularly the search for shrunken striped gap sweaters (of which I have about two garbage bags full in the basement).

I would love a piece or two of felt, and you wouldn't have to ship it. I would probably even turn it into stuffeds for Posie (if you're still interested).


I would love some wool felt. I lurk around your blog almost daily and think that the picture you posted today of your stockings is just about the prettiest ever. I'm currently using wool felt for several projects and just can't stop touching it! Its so wonderful!


I would love, love, love some wool felt. I'm playing around with waldorf-type toys for my kids, so this will be perfect!!

I love your stockings and have *loved* that felted bag since I first stumbled on your site. Wonderful!


Are those stockings really from old sweaters? They are gorgeous!

If you have any left, I am certainly up for some wool felt! Many Christmas projects in the works that would love the addition of some felt.


Hi! I have recently found your blog but have been inspired by your shop and your pink studio pics for awhile! If you still have a bit of felt available, I would love some. Thanks so much :)


Wow, great stockings! I was planning to make all the stockings for my family for Christmas this year; thanks for the inspiration.

I would love some wool felt if the offer is still good. Thanks.


I love going to Goodwill. That's all I'm saying! And I love barbecued pies. And you.


Oooh, I can think of a few things to do with some nice wool felt. Pretty please?


I've recently become a daily visitor as well. & what providence -I am also in need of some 'earthy' felt colors. I just returned frustrated from a felt shopping trip this morning!

Love, Love, Love your stockings. Such a great idea.

Veronica TM

I would also love and appreciate the wool felt. Thanks so much for offering!


I would love some too! I live in the UK, so happy to send you a little thank you surprise back. But if you have already run out... don't worry!


I'd love some too! Is there anything you need from NYC?


I'm sure you're already full of requests, but if you have any left I'd like a bit. I've never worked with wool felt before, as down here in south Louisiana you don't see much wool at all!


Wonderful wonderful stockings! and the pie does sound sooo yummy. Would love some felt if some is still available. Thanks!


oh, my! any left? you are so generous. i'm in portland, too, so you don't have to send it if you don't want. what a treat!!!

Alexandra Ogilvie

Hi-- I am so inspired when I visit your site. I love your use of colors & your obvious love for your dog makes me smile. Although I don't think I could do it the justice you could, I love some felt to play with if you still have some left. Do you have any cats? I make cat toys & would love to send you one in return.



To make those beautimous stockings....did you just trace around your foot? The pale pink one in front looks exactly like a foot in a high heeled shoe! Also, are the felt bits you are so generously giving away only for those with blogs? If not, I would LOVE to have a few! Thanks!


i would SO love some felt... i will pay for shipping,even.
i just found your blog and am so in love with it - i find myself nodding and saying, yep, exactly so many times. i cannot get over the stockings! i want to post this photo as a decoration to cheer me up (not that i am in need of cheering, but you can't be too cheery, eh?)


Hi Alicia! I'd love some felt if you have any left. I can stop in the shop to pick it up too. Thanks!

Scribbles & Bits

I love your stockings! They came out so adorable! And that story about the pie had me laughing out loud! I'm going to cook my first entire-all-by-myself Thanksgiving dinner this year and this is just the sort of thing I see happening to me, so I'm glad to see that it is survivable and you can end the day with hamburger pie!


I've been lurking around since I found you via the Yarn Garden. I love reading your blog! Thanks for the random stripe link. I'm making socks to whittle down my stash and it's a perfect tool for all these bits and pieces-thanks!


Everyone wants the felt! I do too, but I live in Copenhagen (Europe!), so it's probably going to cost you a bundle to send it. Perhaps we could do a little trade, I have some Faroese and Icelandic yarn lying around... :)


I would love some wool felt. How generous of you!

I really enjoy reading your blog, and will have to pop into your store next time I'm in Portland.


Me too! I'd love some wool felt - scraps, pieces, whatever! I'm always looking for odd pieces for applique and embelishments. Thanks so much for the offer. Love your blog - read it often but haven't commented until today.


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